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✅ 增加免疫力

✅ 驅蟲殺菌

✅ 補鉀


【Benefits Of Children Eating Pomegranate】

✅ Improve immunity
Pomegranate contains protein and other nutrients, so children eating pomegranate can help to supplement protein to improve immunity and enhance body resistance.

✅ Remove parasites in the body
Pomegranate peel contains pomegranate bark, which has an anesthetic effect on insects, which can help the body remove parasites. Moderate consumption of pomegranate can help children to treat worms, abdominal pain and scabies.

✅ Supplement potassium
Pomegranate is rich in potassium. Children eating pomegranate can help to supplement potassium to their body which can promote the metabolism of the body and the healthy development of the nervous system.